USER RESEARCH AND TESTING  |  Case study with Mango Connects

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My role

Mango Connects is a platform that helps people use their LinkedIn network to create more meaningful connections and move their careers forward.

This study applied user research and usability testing to Mango Connects platform to drive improvements to user experience and help developing a product roadmap.

Heuristic analysis of first time user experience.

Collaborating with team members on:

  • Determining usability testing goals

  • Creating user tasks, scenarios and scripts

  • Capturing data from testing results

Synthesizing data from testing, writing report and design recommendations.


Partner | Mango Connects

Tools & Methods

  • Heuristic analysis

  • Usability testing

  • User tasks and scenarios

  • Testing goals & script

  • Recommendations report




Usability testing


After analyzing the site, the research team decided to focus on the first time user experience of the product and conducted a heuristic analysis to flag areas for baseline usability testing

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Based on initial exploration of the platform and heuristic analysis, the team developed testing goals, scenarios and a testing protocol.

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The following opportunity areas emerged in analyzing the research data:

  • Content labels and messaging

  • Navigation and site architecture

  • Mental model


The research report outlines the following recommendations based on research findings:

  • Redesign member home page and site architecture to facilitate navigation

  • Surface actionable tasks on the home page

  • Additional user research targeting primary site users to uncover mental model and refine content and messaging

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