DESIGN STRATEGY |  Case study with Abamath / CODE SQUAD

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My role

Abamath is an organization that trains teachers and creates classes to teach code. They reach kids ages 7-14 through community education classes.  

Abamath needed to drive enrollment in coding classes and promote their first "Code Championship" event for kids, to take place in six months.

The organization was also open to a new name and brand identity.

Driving service design approach to support overall design strategy.

Leading content strategy: content audit, editorial calendar, home page design.

Persona creation, designing and executing survey, service blueprint planning.


Partner | Abamath

Tools & Methods

  • Sketch, QuickTime

  • Keynote

  • Stakeholder interview

  • Content strategy

  • Competitive research

  • Survey

  • Personas

  • Design strategy 



Deep dive into research

The team met with the founder of Abamath, completed a content audit and competitive research, identified audiences, and created a survey to test rebranding ideas.

Research then moved into personas, user journeys and wireframing to help develop key messages and track milestones leading up to the event.

Key findings

  • Differentiate the organization in the community education course catalog 

  • Connect coding classes to the new event

  • Increase web and social media presence

  • Rebrand Abamath as CODE SQUAD

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The solution was a design strategy to build a community around this new event and a service design blueprint to support planning and execution over the next year.

Key components of the design strategy:

  • Build an event landing page and update website to engage each persona

  • Artifacts such as class handouts and event swag for volunteers and attendees

  • Editorial calendar for all deliverables, including social media

  • Tracking key milestones and success metrics

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View video demo of design strategy