PRODUCT FEATURE DESIGN  |  Case study with Aurelius

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My role

Aurelius is a platform used by designers and product owners to collect and organize user research.

Stakeholders knew their users wanted to synthesize research findings and create research reports to share with stakeholders within Aurelius.

This would avoid the need to pull data and insights into a separate template. Our client called this feature 'Collections.’

Stakeholder interview, task flow analysis to understand platform.

Submitted feature design for Collections selected for user survey.

Incorporating design seamlessly into existing platform; creating and annotating design recommendations.

Partner | Aurelius

Tools & Methods

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Site & task flow analysis

  • Sketching

  • Sketch, Axure

  • Annotated wireframes

  • Interactive prototype

  • Report and design recommendations



Competitive audit

Complied information on features of competing products, especially reporting tools.

Findings showed opportunity for innovating with Aurelius' unique research platform.

Rapid sketching

Quick sketches of concepts for new product features were ranked across the team and moved forward for a user survey.

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Kano survey and analysis

The survey presented wireframes of design concepts, and users ranked the following product features as expected or desirable:

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  • Create Collection page - Select content for a collection

  • Send collection page - Create a research report, select recipients and schedule for publishing

  • Report landing page - Research report is viewable online and linked from an email


An interactive prototype demonstrates the flow to create and schedule a report from the new Collections product feature. 

The design was based on user feedback gathered in the survey and additional research outlined below.

Research report

In addition to user feedback, visual elements and the flow of the prototype were designed to be consistent with user journey mapping and the current Aurelius platform.

Report contains:

  • Executive summary

  • User journey map

  • Recommended product features

  • Task flow

  • Annotated wireframes

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Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.15.47 PM.png

View demo video of prototype